• We've brought together the beauty of quartz and modern technology to create new and exciting possibilities. Quartz Surfaces gives you more design choices for your next project. The low maintenance and durability of Quartz Surfaces countertops make it perfect for any interior application,commercial or residential.

    Quartz Surfaces

    Ideal for countertops,kitchen islands, shower surrounds...Design for yout life.


  • Glass Stone is created from recycled glass and a non-petroleum resin.Same look as quartz, Green and Sustainable. New modern technology. Low maintenance, stain-resistant, and nearly indestructible line. Glass Stone offers another perfect solution for homeowners, builders, and designers. Our innovative Glass Stone has a whole new look including captivating new aesthetics.

  • Glass Stone

    The new alternative to quartz. Made from consumer recycled materials.


  • Porcelain Slabs put our love of beautiful veins and modern sophistication on display in large format, light weight, and ultra-thin porcelain panels (6 or 12mm-thick).
    But why stop at the countertops? Porcelain Slabs is a modern-day marvel suitable for virtually all your interior and exterior residential and commercial projects.

  • Porcelain Slabs

    A Porcelain Revolution. Large format, light weight.


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